MDA's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Services

MDA has a rich history of achievement in unmanned remote sensing in space, air, ground, and sub-surface environments.

MDA currently delivers fully-operational turnkey UAV services to ISAF forces in Afghanistan. Deployed and operational since January 2008, the services provide an "unblinking eye in the sky" protecting ISAF troops.

Our unique and flexible Persist-INT™ Airborne Surveillance Services provide by-the-hour unmanned airborne surveillance for operational missions, whenever and wherever required.

MDA’s world-class UAV services are also available for commercial applications and industries including Oil and Gas, Utilities, Search and Rescue, Forestry, and Global Climate Change.

Discover how MDA can support your mission, and join other satisfied customers and agencies from around the world in benefiting from MDA's UAV Services.

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